How to breathe while swimming

How to Breathe while Swimming Freestyle

Breathing can be a really difficult task for beginner swimmers.  Knowing how to breathe is the first step on how to swim. Most people often get panic when they try to learn to breathe. Breathing and sinking are the two common problems most of the swimmers face.  So here are a few steps on how to breathe while swimming and make breathing a lot easier in the water naturally inside the pool.

Side Breathing

Grab the wall with one hand take a deep breath put your face in the water and kick just enough to put your body in a horizontal position. Don’t exhale at this moment, hold your breath about three seconds and breath out by tilting your head side. When you tilt your head remember to keep your half head inside the water and when you breathe, exhale 50 percent from your nose and 20 percent from your mouth. After you exhale slowly, take a quick inhale and repeat the same process. Practice this exercise on both left and right until you get comfortable with breathing.

Side breathing with Kick Board

In this exercise, you will need a kickboard to perform side breathing.  It is similar to the first exercise but you will have to breathe while floating. To do this exercise you need to kick six times and one stroke. Keep your body streamlined to float your body while kicking and stroking. After you kick for six times, take a breath on one side after your one stroke. Change your breathing position left and right after six kicks and one stroke.

Side Breathing  Six Kick one Pull

It is like the previous second exercise but without using the kickboard. Keep your hand straight to your head instead of grabbing the kickboard. Repeat the same 6 kick and one pull stroke and breath on each side at each stroke. When you are practicing how to breathe always keep your body at ease and relax. Always remember that you have to exhale slowly and inhale fast to maintain your speed breakdown.

Side breathing with flutter kick

After you feel easy and confident about breathing, try breathing while doing flutter kick. As said before, try to breathe each side after six kick. Focus on your breathing and keep your body loosen and straight to prevent from sinking. While you breathe, always tilt your head sidewise keeping your half head inside the water so that your speed will not break down while swimming.

3 5 7 Breathing drill

This drill is great to practice your breathing technique not only for beginners also for pro swimmers. When you imply this stroke, you have to breathe on each 3. 5 and 7 strokes. This drill lets you learn to hold your breathe longer and push harder so that you will not have to breathe frequently while swimming. The less you breathe the more your speed you go while swimming.

Sink Downs

Sink Downs or Sinking mushrooms is a technique that lets your breathing exhale go for a longer time. Get inside the water and roll yourself like a little ball and trickle breath the oxygen from your lungs slowly. Keep practicing this drill daily to hold more breath while swimming long distances. Try to stay relaxed as possible when you practice such drills.

Don’t hold your breath

Holding your breath while swimming is the biggest mistake you will ever make. When you hold your breath longer, your body produces co2  which will make your body feel desperate and feel unease. So when you inhale breath, exhale slowly as soon as your face in the water and produce a constant stream of bubbles that will relax you while exhaling.

Don’t raise your head higher than the water level

When you want to take that inhale breath while you are at streamline, tilt slide enough to get your breath so that you can get enough breathing. When your arm is about to pass your head while swimming, you should be rotating on the opposite side to breathe and when you do that, so when you side tilt your head when you are about to exhale, always look at sidewards instead upwards the sky. Your head should be straight to your body to maintain your speed. Raising your head or sinking too much will decrease your speed while swimming.

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